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What is Disinfection?

More than Just Cleaning

If you need to clean public facilities, choose a disinfectant that does not contain chlorine. Chlorine is very strong and will be corrosive to the surfaces in your facility over time. With the help of Atlanta COVID disinfection service, you can rest assured knowing that your facility is safe!

Why is this method effective?

– Disinfectants without chlorine are much more gentle on surfaces and will not degrade them over time.

– You can use a variety of disinfectants that don’t contain chlorine such as quaternary ammonium compounds, antimicrobial cleaners or green products like tea tree oil or lemon juice for example!

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What should you be careful about when using these types of chemicals?

Do not use any liquid bleach to clean anything in your facility because it contains too much chlorine which is corrosive. Bleach also leaves behind the scent of its chemical ingredients even after cleaning so people may still smell it if they come into contact with it afterwards. If you need something stronger than an aerosol cleaner, choose an appropriate product from a dispenser designed specifically for the purpose you need it..

– You can also use a safe chemical like alcohol to clean up spills of blood, bodily fluids or other potentially dangerous substances. Alcohol is not only effective at killing bacteria; it’s also tax exempt and non hazardous so you won’t have any problems using it in your facility!

What do you need to be careful about when cleaning with an appropriate disinfectant?

You should always dilute the liquid enough before adding water because some chemicals are too strong by themselves and could cause damage if they come into contact with skin or eyes for example. In addition, avoid spraying aerosol cleaners directly on surfaces that may absorb them such as paper products or carpets since these materials might deteriorate over time.