How to Buy a Microphone: Considerations

How to Find the Best Microphone

Microphones can be a confusing topic for new musicians, but it is important to know what you are getting into before purchasing one.

Do I need a microphone? The first step is figuring out if you really need one in the first place. Do not buy a microphone just because they are cool, or your friends have them; there may be another solution that works for what you want to do with it. If you sing and play guitar then yes, but if all you do is record yourself singing on YouTube videos maybe it’s better to invest in an Echo Dot instead!

What should I consider before getting a mic? There are so many factors involved when purchasing microphones such as budget, quality of sound desired, style preferences, etc. Before buying anything make sure to read up about different types of mics–you don’t want to end up spending money unnecessarily.


When looking for a microphone be mindful of the following: type (condenser, ribbon), size and weight, and connector types (XLR vs. USB)

If you want to record music, you need a microphone that can withstand high sound pressure levels.

If the mic will be used for gaming or voice chat, it’s important that there are no echoes and noise on your recordings.

If you have a modest budget you should buy the best condenser mic you can find.

If your budget is higher, it’s best to invest in a good ribbon microphone.

It should be emphasized that when buying microphones one should not worry about the number of features on the device but rather its quality and price point because for most purposes two or three mics will provide a lot more versatility than ten with limited sound qualities.

Ensure an adequate level of gain before use by reading reviews or asking questions from experts-you don’t want any equipment failure during recording sessions!

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Matthew Brower